Meet the Hearts and Minds Behind Siri Humanity

Sreeja Arumilli - Director

Sreeja, as the Director, is a beacon of change where her passion for social welfare fuses with a keen sense of innovation, driving impactful initiatives, particularly in women’s empowerment and community development.

Sreeprada - Director

Sreepada, the Director, embodies strategic foresight and deep compassion. Her commitment to educational and elderly care programs is pivotal in extending the organization’s global reach and nurturing positive change.

Kalyan Jampala

Kalyan Jampala plays a pivotal role as our Director of Leadership, offering direct support and fostering collaborations with other organizations. His focus extends to exclusively religious, charitable, educational, and scientific initiatives, ensuring a holistic approach to our philanthropic endeavors.

Anugna Chaitra Parvataneni

Meet Anugna, our compassionate leader dedicated to directing charitable services for the underprivileged. Through Siri Humanity Corp, she shapes impactful initiatives, fostering a brighter future through empathy and collaboration.

Baskar Rao Balakrishnamurthy

Meet Baskar Rao Balakrishnamurthy, our dedicated leader in Fundraising & Distribution. He drives efforts to raise and distribute funds for multiple educational organizations, making a significant impact in our major group area.

Siri Humanity is a non-profit organization to support people worldwide and keep an eye in the future Support.


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